Anna Shilina presents the Exclusive FREE Strategy...
Something's Missing. You've made some money and things are going okay...The 200hr Blueprint to Creating your Performance-Based Team... for Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to go from Solo to Six Figures (without losing control). 
Want to Operate from Your Zone of Genius and MASTERFULLY delegate the rest?

Some BS countdown timer, supposedly making you feel like you're missing out 

    •  It's NOT about the six figures, it's about the FREEDOM that you get, when your business works with or without you. You started this business to do what you love, right? This training will help you instantly get into your zone of genius (and stay there).
    •  Why your business is AT RISK if your continue to operate as you have, and why it's imperative that you de-risk your business by creating a tier-based team.
    •  You need both high performance knowledge based in human behavioral sciences, and the systems and processes that allow you to masterfully delegate the things you don't love to do. Remember, what you do not measure, you cannot manage!
    •  RECURRING revenue is the key to consistency in your cashflow, and attracting the best talent. You need to master your recurring revenue so that you can do more of what you love, and less admin and management things. 
    •  BONUS: Why 90% of entrepreneurs go out of business. And the 1 thing that the top 10% do to go from survive to thrive.
    * available for a limited time only... we're here for a good time, not a long time *
    Hi, I'm Anna, International Speaker & Founder of VTL200 - Virtual Team Leadership, Human Behavior & Management Systems and Processes.

    No, I don't have a rags to riches story... and I haven't been homeless. But achieving results and creating success has been my life's work.

    As an immigrant, I watched my parents go through all the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Even though there were times when we relied on the generosity of friends and family to house us and feed us, I've had an amazing life that I'm incredibly grateful for.

    My story is one of perseverance, hard work, planning, executing, learning, 'failing', pivoting, creating, crying, laughing, success, rejection, improvement, correction, loneliness, happiness, family & friendship... and so much more. Can you relate? 

    Having worked with hundreds of business owners, helping them get out of their own way, create their own success and build the lifestyle that they deserve.... one thing that I've learned is that EVERYONE wants to make a difference... and have the lifestyle freedom whether it's traveling the world, or spending more time with loved ones.

    For the first time, in this exclusive training, I reveal the exact formula that will help you create a business that truly serves you, and sets you free. 

    Yes, it does involve building your team. No, it's not as difficult as you think (with the right systems and processes).

    In order to get the exact strategy that I've deployed for my private clients, simply click on the button below.
    "Our business went from $20k/mnth to $145k/month in 6 months."
    - Daniel S. & Rob S.
    "Doubled my income in multiple areas of business in 45 days."
    - Stan W.
    "Sitting in front of my laptop with a 12 month contract signed for $22k, plus $13k/mnth retainer.
    - Kate R.
    "I went from doubting myself to mentally prepared for my first big sale- and I did it! Closed a $10k deal within a few hours.” 
    - Cassie H.
    INSTANT ACCESS! Start focusing on PROFIT and creating that TIER-BASED TEAM today.

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